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Book launch January 2022!



True Stories of Ordinary People Facing Hardships

Finding Their Resilient Inner Athlete

About The Book

Here are true stories of individuals who have had to face traumatic and life-threatening conditions that seriously compromised their physical and psychological well-being. Instead of falling apart, they turned to various sports as a way of gaining physical and mental confidence. Teenagers and adults will be inspired to unleash their inner athlete by reading of their courage, and resiliency as they wrestle with their own self-confidence. Psychological commentaries follow each of these powerful stories.

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Meet The Authors

Paul Schienberg

Paul Schienberg


Dr. Schienberg received his PhD in clinical psychology at the California School of Professional Psychology and interned at UCLA/NPI. He has been a psychologist for 40 years. He has also been a lecturer at Redlands University, The New School for Social Research and on the voluntary faculty of Mount Sinai Hospital. Over the past decade, Dr. Paul has published/edited and wrote articles for an internet sport psychology magazine called Psyched Online ( He has appeared on CourtTV, CNN and many radio stations as an expert commentator. In addition, he has had columns in golf, ski, other sports journals and has run workshops in the mental side of playing sports. One most recent workshop was in Carlsbad, CA on Sport Psychology to golfers. Dr. Paul also taught a class at the International Center of Photography capturing personality in photographs. And he ran groups of patients who struggled with addictions at Mount Sinai Hospital in New York. Paul’s Website, Paul’s Sports Magazine

Marilyn Gansel

Marilyn Gansel


As an applied sports psychologist and positive performance coach, Marilyn assists clients in discovering the authentic truth about themselves, their values, strengths, and inner longings. Her own story of resiliency, tenacity, and mental preparedness in overcoming adversity has drawn her to others who have found their inner athlete. Her journey in finding inspirational stories linking challenges, growth, healing and the resilient inner athlete through exercise and sport modalities gave rise to the latest nonfiction she co-authored Saved by Sport: True stories of ordinary people facing extraordinary hardships ~ Finding their resilient inner athlete. She has conducted workshops on stress, behavior change, and mastering the mindset in person and online. Marilyn’s Website

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